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The topic of moving back to Minnesota has been coming up more and more frequently.

Jenkins is a horrible CI platform.

that thing where you have a conversation over several different mediums: mastodon, slack, email, and DMR. All at the same time.

*taps mic*

testing. testing 1, 2.

In case you need to register a copy of Windows XP so you can use legacy software, use the telephone option. Registering over the internet doesn't work.

RCPT from unknown[]: <>

Nice to see spammers that aren't afraid to play off current events.

The first uncomfortably warm evening of the year. It's not warm enough to run the air yet. So, it's open windows tonight and sleeping on top of the blankets.

I just don't get why Canonical has such a throbbing hard-on for snaps. Am I missing something? Or is this just another misdirected obsession like IoT, Cloud, and Mobile?

Ubuntu 18.04 server has a faster installer.

And that appears to be all I can say that's positive about it.

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KMFDM Angst is great springtime music.

Also, if you have a Raspberry Pi sitting around doing nothing and you want to run your own gopher server, I have Gophernicus binaries built and ready to go for you. Point your gopher client to: gopher:// and you can download the source tarball or the Raspbian package.

Note: I'm not the maintainer of this software. I was just bored one day and packaged it in case someone wanted to save 10 minutes when standing up a gopher server.

Nice to see more people putting up gopher servers.

Wait, so it's okay to terminate CDN services to Switter but Cloudflare doesn't have a problem with spammers or malware purveyors?


at some point, I really need to upgrade



Current Status:

Building a Windows XP virtual machine so that I can access legacy lights out management consoles. Because making management platforms based on Java or .Net is stupid.

Walking out of the Apple store this afternoon, the mall had Jamiroquai playing. I immediately thought of @djsundog

I selected "Time Machine Radio" on my Plex server and it's spent the past hour playing Bauhaus, Joy Division, Nitzer Ebb, Kraftwerk, Cocteau Twins and more.

I've realized two things: First, my Plex server gets me. Second, I have a shitload of 80s & 90s Goth and Industrial.

Good morning, friends. I hope your day is fulfilling.

What I like about Mastodon #324:

Doing a check drive-by to see what's happening and seeing Covenant references.

Thanks, friends, for setting the tone for tonight. EBM in the rain. I like it.

Woke up to the kids listening to pop music. I think I'd rather discover they were drinking. Needless to say, it's time for "the talk" about what real music is.