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Wait, so it's okay to terminate CDN services to Switter but Cloudflare doesn't have a problem with spammers or malware purveyors?


at some point, I really need to upgrade



Current Status:

Building a Windows XP virtual machine so that I can access legacy lights out management consoles. Because making management platforms based on Java or .Net is stupid.

Walking out of the Apple store this afternoon, the mall had Jamiroquai playing. I immediately thought of @djsundog

I selected "Time Machine Radio" on my Plex server and it's spent the past hour playing Bauhaus, Joy Division, Nitzer Ebb, Kraftwerk, Cocteau Twins and more.

I've realized two things: First, my Plex server gets me. Second, I have a shitload of 80s & 90s Goth and Industrial.

Good morning, friends. I hope your day is fulfilling.

What I like about Mastodon #324:

Doing a check drive-by to see what's happening and seeing Covenant references.

Thanks, friends, for setting the tone for tonight. EBM in the rain. I like it.

Woke up to the kids listening to pop music. I think I'd rather discover they were drinking. Needless to say, it's time for "the talk" about what real music is.

burned through another set of micro sd cards in my raspberry pi docker swarm. yay.

I would feel sad for Stephen Hawking's passing except his quality of life had to have been terribly poor at the end.

Wanna play TradeWars? Telnet to port 2323. Let me know if it works.

Was going to sit down and veg out last night. Ended up building a TradeWars (the game, not the uspol) system. Now to find a terminal that will properly render ANSI graphics in Linux. Then, the kids and I can play.

Also, since I'm no longer on former $daygig's Slack and email, I haven't taken my phone off the night stand at all today. Feels good.

I just finished tearing down all test VMs I had in $homelab from former $daygig and ended up reclaiming 1.2TB of storage. I spent way too much time after hours doing things for my job. Looking forward to starting the new gig where work/life balance is top priority.

Oh, it's a new "feature". Huh. To the release notes I go.

Good morning, friends. It's been a while since I've actually had time to scroll through the timeline. Anything new going on? What's this elasticsearch thing that people seem concerned about? Do I just need to scroll back further?

I have a week off before I start my new gig. Maybe I should update my mastodon instance...

Since leadership (I use that term loosely) is too busy freaking out about me leaving, I had to open my own outgoing employee ticket.

Writing my resignation letter. So far I have "I resign, my last day will be March 9th." Seems like I need more substance but adding "You're a shitty manager, fuck you" just doesn't seem to be appropriate.