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Every year, I get an email to vote for the OpenStack Foundation Individual Directors. Every year, I get grumpy because it's a fucking mutual admiration society. All the same assholes, all nominating each other. All of them with direct ties to the corporations sponsoring the Foundation. You want to know why OpenStack is a cluster fuck? Look at the Foundation.

The Kings - "This Beat Goes On / Switchin' to Glide"

Revisiting Golden Earring's "The Continuing Story of Radar Love". An under rated album, to be sure.

That thing where you look at the time and holy shit how did it get to be this late?

In 1989, I was working overnights at a classic rock radio station. As the clock ticket to midnight and started 1990, I did a countdown for the listening audience and threw "Rocking in the Free World" in the deck and hit play. The strobe to the studio hotline (manager's direct line) lit up. I answered. Bob, the manager, said simply, "perfect choice." and hung up.

He never complemented anyone.

It's still the first song I play in the new year to this day.

Every year I start the new year with this song:

Rocking in the Free World - Neil Young.

Happy New Year from -0700.

May this year bring you happiness, kindness, and love.

Was motivated to work on a project. Came into the office, sat down, turned on some music, and am now completely unmotivated to work on the project.

Just out of curiosity, is anyone streaming a mixes or playlists or maybe even live sets tomorrow night?

Would you people stop talking about your projects for like, maybe, a week? I can’t keep up with all the cool toys you’re playing with.

Back in my day, a television set took two minutes to turn on because the tube had to warm up. Now they take two minutes to turn on because someone doesn’t know how to optimize their boot sequence.

And now I've found myself into an '80s playlist.

Frankie says relax.

Figures. I tell myself that I'll check in to the fediverse for just a quick minute and then do some tidying up around the house. But noooo, @djsundog has to have a killer set running, and now I'm engulfed in '90s audio nostalgia.

Back to using my Happy Hacking Keyboard. Mostly because the control key is where God intended.

How is this not an edible? Someone really missed their target market.

"Nobody ever got fired for buying Intel NICs."

Truer words have never been spoken.

I want to go home but the EBM channel on is fucking lit right now and I don't want to stop listening.